Commercial Vehicle Camera Systems

Realtime Vehicle Video Telematics Pioneers.

FleetCam provides high-quality Vehicle Camera Systems to the supply chain industry throughout South Africa. The company was formed in 2014 by the current management team. The industry, which it predominantly serves, is logistics and small to large fleets throughout the supply chain spectrum. Our core business is Fleet management and Vehicle Camera Solutions using advanced onboard cameras, live video and incident streaming & recording as well as driver behavior management all interconnected through our telematics and live vehicle tracking platform. FleetCam has an office in Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, and George. In addition, FleetCam has several authorized distributors in South Africa and Africa.

Mark and Malcolm Rousseau worked part-time in the industry since 1975. Mark became permanent in 1984 and Malcolm later in 1987. Mark Rousseau, Malcolm Rousseau and Marcel Blokland were senior executives in the Telematics industry for 31, 27 and 21 years respectively. This gave them many years of experience in the industry, which they bring back to clients providing direct customer service. Currently, the Group employs 71 people and Provides Telematics services such as Live Vehicle Camera Systems with integrated telematics and driver behavior.

    FleetCam is represented in 11 African countries (including South Africa) and 1 country in the Middle East.

Our Mission

To assist with reducing accidents and related incidents to prevent unnecessary deaths on the roads and reduce costs by providing quality security and safety technologies and high-end vehicle camera systems in South Africa and the rest of Africa, for drivers and owners of vehicles and fleets.

Our Vision

To be an employer of choice, by developing our employees as sustainable contributors in society to participate with the company’s social responsibility initiatives & to develop and research the technologies required to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

Camera Systems for Commercial Vehicles and Fleets

Why Choose Us?

The rapid and drastic shift in the industry from generalized standard GPS tracking to demand for fully integrated video vehicle telematics has led to FleetCam’s success nationally. As the industry transitions to this next evolutionary stage of technology and data management, FleetCam will be right here and there with the cutting-edge technology we have been providing for years.

Service Delivery and Quality Assurance

Our products include certifications and accreditations such as ICASA approval and VESA compliance ensuring our clients peace of mind that quality products are watching over their fleets.

Industry Experience

FleetCam’s management team boasts over 190 years of combined industry experience. This experience has proven invaluable in proactively designing risk mitigating solutions for our clients.

Total Value Offering

FleetCam’s range of products & solutions addresses every aspect of logistical operational challenges such as Safety, Security, Fleet Utilization, Productivity, Driver Management/behavior, and Bureau monitoring solutions.

Is Your Fleet Ready for Comprehensive Risk Mitigation?

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