ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System)

FleetCam ADAS

FleetCam ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) is an artificial intelligence device that monitors and intervenes driving behaviors based on image processing technology. It not only verifies driver’s identity, monitors driver fatigue and aggressive driving behaviors, but also uses sounds and data to intervene, constructing a defense mechanism against possible dangers and safeguarding driver and passengers’ safety. FleetCam ADAS can also upload data to road surveillance systems and facilitate traffic control.

In FleetCam ADAS’ split type design, image capture is located at a vehicle’s A pillar, minimizing interference with driver’s eyesight. FleetCam ADAS can function under most weather conditions, including daytime, nighttime, snow and rain, and can be mounted onto passenger vehicles, vans, trucks, and large vehicles carrying dangerous material.

>Real-time surveillance of driver fatigue

FleetCam ADAS conducts real-time monitoring and analysis of driver’s facial expressions and eye movements, gives out spoken warnings, and syncs data to control center. Two types of warning are issued by the control center: regular fatigue warning and severe fatigue warning. FleetCam ADAS also recognizes yawning and reminds drivers to rest when excessive yawning is detected.

>Real-time surveillance of careless driving

FleetCam ADAS conducts real-time monitoring of head bowing, turning (except when looking into mirrors), and other behaviors suggesting careless driving. FleetCam ADAS will monitor and interfere with behaviors such as checking cell phones, chitchatting, and continuous attention on distractions. It also adjusts warning time according to travelling speed.

>Surveillance of aggressive driving behavior

Real-time monitoring of talking on the phone, smoking, unfastened seat belt and other unsafe driving behavior will trigger spoken warning and image /video recording to be uploaded to regulatory agencies.

>Driver’s identity recognition

With facial recognition technologies, FleetCam ADAS pre-captures driver’s facial features, syncs with traffic control platforms, effectively manages driver identities, and prevents unauthorized drivers from driving certain vehicles. This function can be turned on/off when necessary.

>Lane departure warning system

Real-time monitoring of a vehicle’s moving direction and position relative to lanes will warn the driver to stay in lane when the vehicle begins to derail (except when turn signals are on). FleetCam ADAS can also record and report lane departure, solid line crossing, and illegal crossings.

>Vehicle collision detection

Real-time monitoring of the preceding car allows FleetCam ADAS to recognize and calculate collision time under current speed and give out alerts. Two types of alert are issued: keep distance and danger of collision. Alerts include spoken warning and image upload to surveillance platforms. Collision calculation and alert are adjusted by vehicle type.

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